Press Information & Registration

Press Information & Registration

Working members of the technology and computing press may apply for complimentary media registration. Press registration for the Photoshop World Conference requires submission of valid press credentials verifying your editorial press affiliation, and is limited to technology and computing editors and reporters who will be covering the event.

Unfortunately, production staff, IS managers, Webmasters, executives, management and other non-editorial staff are not eligible for press registration.

Press Registration

A minimum of three of the following credentials are required for media registration:

  1. A masthead from a current issue of your technology and/or computing publication, showing your name or a copy of a recent article from the publication with your byline.
  2. A signed letter from your publication’s editor (on company letterhead) stating that you have been assigned (as a journalist) to attend Photoshop World Conference to cover the event.
  3. The URL, an audited statement and business card (along with masthead URL), for news-based web publications.
  4. A bylined article from an industry-related publication written by you, published within the last six months.

NOTE: You will also need to bring your confirmation card and a picture ID with you to the Photoshop World Conference registration desk to pick up your press badge.

Press Registration Form

To apply for complimentary media registration, please fill out the form below.

If approved, you will receive a Photoshop World Conference confirmation email letter with ticket attached once your registration form has been processed. Those who do not meet our criteria will be notified by email. Misrepresentation of position and/or publication/news organization will bar you and your organization from all future Photoshop World Conference events.

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