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Hey there, and welcome to our thrilling three-day online Conference! The excitement kicks off with our pre-conference events today. We’ve got three fantastic beginner sessions lined up that are perfect for getting you up to speed or giving you a refresher before diving into the heart of tomorrow’s events. And if you’re new to our gatherings, don’t miss our awesome orientation session with Larry Becker. He’ll give you the lowdown on what to expect and where to find everything. To top it all off, we’re capping the day with a fun meet-up event on Zoom. Grab your favorite snack, join us in our virtual hangout spot, and let the good times roll.


Orientation Session: Photoshop World 101

Photographers, What's Up With This AI Thing?

20 Essential Photoshop Techniques Every Beginner Needs to Know

Lightroom Crash Course

Preconference Sessions