Letter to Your Boss

Letter to Your Boss

Want to ask your boss to send you to Photoshop World, but you’re not quite sure what to say? We’ve created this handy sample email to help explain why it makes sense for you to attend. Just copy and paste it into an email to your boss, and then customize it, edit it, etc., any way you’d like (like adding your boss’s name for example). Also, you might want to use a subject line like, “Help me take my skills to the next level” “Help to make me more productive in 2017” or something along those lines.

Sample Email

You might have heard me mention this before, but each year there is this amazing educational conference called Photoshop World (it’s held Thursday April 20th thru Saturday, April 22nd in Orlando, FL).

It’s the ultimate learning event for creative people like me and a lot of the focus is on productivity, becoming more efficient and working smarter.

I’ll be learning directly from the top pros in the creative business in nearly 100 classes covering everything from Photoshop to Lightroom, Photography, Lighting, The Adobe Creative Cloud Applications and more.

I really think it makes sense for me to attend this training conference and I would love it if you would send me. It’s a perfect opportunity to grow my skills and become more productive and valuable to our team.

This investment will pay off by helping me learn new tools, new skills, and new ways to do things that can help us get more work done in less time.

I know you want this to be as cost effective as possible, and this conference is an extremely good value (compared to other conferences like it), and if we register by March 17th, we’ll be able to save $100 with their early bird discount, plus they have discounted hotel rates for their attendees.

Get all the details at: http://photoshopworld.com

Watch these highlights from last year’s conference on Youtube to get a taste of the creativity, inspiration and scope of this amazing event.

Thanks for your time and I hope to discuss this with you soon.

[your name here]

(copy and paste into your email)