Wedding Photography Training

Marriage may be a traditional institution, but weddings and wedding photography are always evolving. How can you keep up with all the changes without losing focus on the actual work that pays your bills? The solution: wedding photography training at the Photoshop World Conference and Expo. It’s three days of jam-packed professional photography instruction with classes and workshops completely dedicated to the intricacies of wedding photography, as well as related topics like lighting and portrait photography. You get the insight you need into emerging trends and technology without having to commit to ongoing classes.

There are four main aspects of the wedding photography training at PSW:

  • Equipment and technology – You may have invested significant funds into your equipment, but are you getting the most out of it? Our instructors will go over the latest innovations in cameras and accessories and teach you how to put them to work.
  • Shooting at the wedding – Any wedding photographer knows that you’re not always blessed with perfect weather and patient subjects. We’ll show you tricks for posing, composition, lighting, and much more so you can get the perfect shots the first time.
  • Retouching in Photoshop – When the party is done, the photographer’s work is just beginning. We’ll show you how to retouch your photos while maintaining a natural look, even when working on challenging features such as the eyes or hair.
  • Business training – Just because you’re a great photographer doesn’t mean your business is getting the attention it deserves. We’ll show you how to leverage social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to your best advantage so you gain more clients and build relationships with current ones.

Sign up for our professional wedding photography training at Photoshop World Conference and Expo today and choose your classes!

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