Wedding Photography Lighting Classes

Any photographer will tell you that the right lighting is essential to capturing an image, and when it comes to wedding photography, it can also mean the difference between a disappointed client and one who sings your praises. Wedding photography lighting classes at the Photoshop World Conference and Expo train you on the ins and outs of lighting for this particular type of photography so you can create magnificent photos that capture the magic of this special day.

  • Outside As popular as outdoor weddings are, getting the right lighting and exposure for your photos can be difficult, especially as the day progresses. Our workshops will show you how to quickly adapt to changing outside light, from a setting sun to intermittent clouds and more.
  • Inside Find ways to use indoor lighting to your advantage, from candles to fluorescent.
  • Flash Fill lighting, nighttime shots, and more are covered in our lighting classes. Our instructors will go over techniques for using the equipment as well as the particulars of the hardware itself.
  • No Flash There are some times during a wedding that a bright flash would simply spoil the moment. Well teach you how to capture it regardless of the current lighting without having to use the flash.

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