Wedding Photo Workshop

Whether you’re looking to expand your photography services to weddings or have been in the business for years, a wedding photo workshop at the Photoshop World Conference and Expo can help you take your skills to the next level. Our expert instructors give you real-world tips and training for working in this specialized industry and help you discover new ways not only to capture breathtaking images, but to promote your services and get the shots you need without getting in the way.

Some of the things our instructors may go over in your photo workshop include:

  • Outdoor environments – Any wedding photographer knows that a setting sun can make a great backdrop for a ceremony. However, harnessing the beauty of this environment can be difficult. Learn how to capture the magnificence of this light and the lighting of other potential outdoors scenarios while staying true to the romantic feel of the moment.
  • Portrait photography – Portraits of the bride, groom, and their wedding party are some of the most treasured. With Photoshop World, you’ll learn to capture the emotions of the big day in the eyes of the bride, or show the joy in the face of the groom’s mother. Our instructors will show you how to spot and snap that special moment without interrupting it in both interactive and classroom environments.
  • Still life – The shoes, the dress, the ring, the flowers; all details are important on this occasion. Learn staging techniques as well as lighting and more for creating the perfect wedding still life.
  • Image processing – Learn advanced Photoshop techniques for enhancing your images to their greatest effect.

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