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Photoshop World West 2019 | August 21st – 23rd | The Mirage Las Vegas

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Our Three-Day Event is Broken up into 7 Different Tracks Each Day

With 7 specialized tracks and over 100 classes and live shoots, we have the right training for you, regardless of your skill level. Create your own custom training experience by following one specific track each day or skipping from one track to the other. We have color-coded each track for easy identification so that you can spend more time learning and less time roaming the halls. On top of our learning tracks we have also sprinkled some special events into your day like our Live Photo Shoots, An Evening with Joe McNally, a Photo Shootout, and more.

The Full Schedule By Track - Day One (Weds. August 21st)



  • This step-by-step instructional presentation and live demonstration will teach the artistic lighting technique of Lightpainting. Lightpainting combines long exposure times with illumination from mobile light sources to create a unique photograph. This highly creative lighting technique is applicable for every photographic genre. Lightpainting small still-life subjects, to portraits, and even large-scale landscapes plus all the gear that I use will be covered during this class.
  • The wilds, whether you find them on some strange continent or outside your window, are where you can find wildlife. Once you find the critters, the passion bites and bites hard once you intimately watch them through your viewfinder. Critter biology has changed very little, but the photography technology has greatly evolved. The marriage of these two to protect the welfare of the subject while bringing back their story in our photographs is a craft. How do you find the critters, get them in the viewfinder and then share those images? Come on an adventure with me as we explore birds and mammals from around the world and by combining biology with technology we can share their stories!
  • Join Kaylee Greer, a private and commercial pet photographer based in Boston, as you go in-depth into the world of dog photography and learn eye-opening tips and tricks for capturing the joy and whimsy of man’s best friend.
  • Come join Canon Explorer of Light photographer and top-selling author Roberto Valenzuela in this class where he will show you how posing is more common sense, than an endless list of rules that must be memorized. Posing is fun, easy, and incredibly important to any photographer that photographs people. Clients want to look their best, and they rely on the photographer’s skill to help them do just that.


  • Just as in the Movies, color is what ultimately gives pictures their finished look. It’s how we add mood, atmosphere, create a feel and ultimately make a picture recognizable as our own and have a style. Join Glyn for this one hour session as he shows you how you can dramatically change your pictures and create your own unique looks with color. Glyn will also share his own recipes, tips, and techniques.
  • Whether you crave for tack sharp images that come to life, or you missed the focus just by a hair in your most important shot, this class has got your back. Learn everything you need to know about sharpening; from the fundamental concepts to practical tactics that make your image get the most attention on social media. Explore various techniques, ranging from sharpening with one-click to applying varying levels of sharpening to create contrast. Enhance the details for the type of images you create, whether it is landscapes or portraits. Unmesh will even be revealing a secret sharpening method which will totally change the way you sharpen. To make the sharpening process even faster Unmesh will be providing significant actions.
  • Whether you're a Beginner or Seasoned Professional, without a doubt the most powerful technique you'll ever learn in Photoshop is Frequency Separation. Join Glyn for this Photoshop Master Class as he shows you how to understand and utilize this powerful technique in all your retouching to give you way better, easier and more realistic results!
  • Selections—a foundational topic for everyone working in image editing. There are long discussions about what is the "easiest" way to make a selection. In this session we flip that narrative and say "what's the best way to make that selection?" This class is all about how the image affects our selection decisions. Diving deeper, the class will look at what the final edit needs are and how that might influence the approach to the types of selections. To sum it up, Mark will cover foundation knowledge of selections and offer guidance in making effective selections.


  • Unlock the power of Presets in this session taught by renown photographer and Lightroom guru, Serge Ramelli as he shows how to create amazing special effects, looks, and speed up your workflow at the same time by leveraging Lightroom Presets. You’ll go way beyond the simple Presets that come with Lightroom and open a whole new world that makes creating fascinating images faster and easier than ever before.
  • This class is for those times when you go out shooting and the light just isn’t cooperating. While it’s always great to practice capturing photos in great light, sometimes we just can’t - and we need a little help from Lightroom and Photoshop to make the photo be everything we imagined it could. In this class you’ll learn some simple techniques to add some sun, flare, and light to your scenes, even when they start out a little flat.
  • Session description coming soon


  • Join Mark and take a deep dive into the foundation leading up to the topic of Color Science. From movies, to ad campaigns, storytelling, and lifestyle images, color has always been a defining factor in the quality and impact of a valuable image. In this session Mark will explain the science of color systems within Photoshop, where we can apply them, and how to control our color edits. He will also focus on how to make classically informed color decisions, and how tools and features in Photoshop will help you execute those color design choices. If you want to better understand themes, color grading, blend modes, color correction, and more—this is the session for you!
  • Join Terry to learn how to create and setup your online portfolio both from scratch and using images from Lightroom. Terry will also cover how to keep it up-to-date and how to merge it with your Adobe Stock portfolio.
  • Learn the most effective methods to move files from Illustrator to Photoshop and Photoshop to Illustrator so you can take full advantage of the strengths of both programs. You'll learn about Libraries, Vector Smart Objects, Paths, and some hidden sources of amazing Illustrator graphics that you can use in Photoshop.
  • Learn the simple techniques to take your typography to the next level. Dave will show you the shortcuts for adjusting tracking and kerning, explore the idea of working with glyphs, and more of the secrets to creating design worthy type treatments.


  • How many times have you stood in a gorgeous landscape, taken your best shot, only to be disappointed in all the ways it did not express what you were feeling when you pressed the shutter button? How do you translate that feeling of awe and wonder into a finished signature photo? Better still, how do you do it consistently? Using images and stories, Karen Hutton will lead you through a process that shows how to make the kind of choices that matter when it comes to conveying feeling, emotion and story—specifically geared toward landscape photography. It’s an epic tale that covers artistic choices as well as gear, settings and choosing your shot. Then she will take you into post-processing from the point of view of feeling, emotion and story. It’s about a way of thinking - and the “Arc of Creation”, from first gasp to final product.
  • Session description coming soon
  • Learn how to master the most important thing you can do, in-camera, for your landscapes—nail the composition. Join Matt as he shows you the different ways to see the scene in front of you, as well as a key checklist of things to look for. We’ll also dive into some Photoshop techniques to use if your composition needs a little help after the fact.

The Full Schedule By Track - Day Two (Thurs. August 22nd)



  • In this class Serge will show you how to do a natural and illustrative type of HDR photography using tools such as Lightroom, Photoshop and Aurora HDR 2019. After this one hour class you will be able to do HDR your way with the best tools available.
  • If you are like David Ziser and don’t like getting up at 4am to stake out a location so that you can get that “perfect” shot with that “perfect” light that only happens at sunrise—to be rewarded with fogged in mountain tops, boring cloudless sunrises and the like, then this is the session for you. David will show you how to find the best shots in the later part of the morning, middle of the day, and early evening. With the proper composition, lighting, and colors you can pull this off effectively. Join David to learn how he does this. He will share his latest tips, tricks, gear, and insights so that you can start sleeping in.
  • How do you stand out and get noticed? How do you develop your own unique and identifiable style? The answer is Personal Projects! What to do? Where to start? What lighting style should I use? Glyn will cover all this and more plus 'The Same isn't the Same' Success Principle!
  • Join David Ziser as he shares the secrets to how he became a world-renowned—er, pretty good wildlife photographer—after just three weeks on safari in Africa. If going on safari is on your bucket list, David can relate. Being up close and personal with the wildest of wild beasts of Africa can be such a rush. Once in the safari vehicle chasing rhinos out of the bush, fleeing charging elephants, and staring down a lion 30 feet in front of your camera—yes, all those things happened to David—you better be a quick study in-order-to capture those spectacular moments with your camera. In this session David will share with you the all-important lessons he learned leading up to his safari experience, everything he learned during his three weeks on safari, and his best tips and tricks. You will also get a chance to see several of the amazing images he brought back from his trip.
  • Session description coming soon
  • All photographers want the single magic answer that solves their photographic issues in a heartbeat. There is no single answer, but in sixty minutes, Moose will give you fifty answers that alone, or in combination with others, will move your photography forward by leaps and bounds. Not only does he provide those answers; he provides the logic behind those answers. This allows you to decide if they apply to your photography and visual storytelling.


  • Have you tried to use actions but found that they’re causing you more harm than they’re worth? The problem might be that you’re only scratching the surface of what actions can truly do. In this class, Kristina Sherk will show you how to tailor the actions you create to work perfectly on all of your photos. Once you learn the hidden options and secret tricks to getting the most out of this efficient tool, you'll be on your way to becoming an actions power user!
  • If you’re the type of person that thinks “If there’s a filter in Photoshop, then it MUST have a purpose”, this class is for you. We’re going to dive into Photoshop’s Filter menu and take a look at everything that’s there, along with some examples of how most of them can be used. By the end of the class you’ll better understand which ones may help you as a photographer, and which ones not to spend any more time wondering about.
  • Let’s admit it - masking is a four letter word for any beginner Photoshop user, and in all the other classes out there, they just tell you “White reveals and black conceals,” then the instructor shrugs their shoulders and says “Ok let’s move on.” Wait… WHAT?!? In this class Kristina Sherk takes the time to really explore masking and how to harness it’s incredible power. She dives into the mentality behind the concept and then also shows you the best methods to use while masking. It can be truly life changing if you take the time to learn this fundamental concept!
  • Join Victoria and master Photoshop workspace organization, Toolbar organization, Brush organization, as well as oil painting and watercolor painting using Photoshop brushes.
  • Some of us may already be familiar with using masks and in their nature we tend to always apply white or black in proportion to that mask to reveal or hide the effect that we are using on that layer. This class looks at the uses that can be gained from using alpha masks in the editing process, just what an alpha mask is, how to create one, and what it can be used for. Tim will look at how to create them easily, and how to create a suite of ‘retouching actions’ based on alpha masks to make very small but more accurate adjustments to images in Photoshop. Alpha masks rock. They give us a very controlled way to target specific elements within an image and control those in a much more delicate and accurate way.
  • You’ve photographed something you love, a moment that filled you with awe, you told the story with emotion and feeling. Now what? How do you translate that into your post-processing to complete the vision? This class shows how to add a certain “secret sauce” to post processing via Photoshop techniques and plugins, in a way that is lead by the feeling you want to convey. Or another way of saying it: Technique in service of feeling. How to use creative processing in a way that translates emotion into visuals; that builds upon the bones of good composition and creates a signature piece, full of your voice and point of view. It’s a multi-faceted approach; as layered as we are, as we live our lives as if it were an art. It’s an approach that usually opens up new ways of seeing - which elevates you each time you apply it.
  • This is the future of where photography is going. It is working in multiple plates (images) shot in the field to create one final image.


  • Are you ready to take control of your Lightroom Classic catalog? Lightroom’s greatest strength (and greatest weakness) is the catalog that lies at the center of everything you do in Lightroom. In this class you’ll learn how the catalog relates to your photos, how to avoid and solve common problems that arise, how to create an organizational structure for storing your photos that makes sense to you, and how to maintain it over time. You’ll learn how to master the Folders panel, how to create collections to provide faster access to your most important photos, how to rename your photos and folders, as well as leverage metadata so that you can find what you are looking for when you need it. Beyond the basics, you’ll also learn how to safely move large amounts of photos to new drives or a new computer, how to move, rename, and backup your catalog, and a whole lot more. Join Rob and finally become the master of your Lightroom life!
  • Capturing an image that's in focus is just the beginning. In this class, you'll see how to really make your images stand out with three methods of sharpening in Lightroom.
  • Lightroom Classic CC is great at managing your images. What happens though when you outgrow your current hard drive? How do you deal with the images you took with your smartphone? In this class you’ll learn how to avoid disasters, keep your images safe, and keep your images organized so that you always know where they are.
  • Fall in love with Lightroom Classic by utilizing the print functions. Scott will show you the features, settings, and how to create killer layouts to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Are you ready to join the secret society of people happily using Lightroom (cloud) in conjunction with Lightroom Classic? Would you love to learn how to navigate the hidden pathways, avoid the common pitfalls, and get the most out of this dynamic duo? Well, then come spend an hour with Rob Sylvan to see the benefits that can come from extending your Lightroom Classic catalog into the cloud-like realm of Lightroom, discover what settings you’ll need to configure, learn how to manage your cloud storage, and take your skills to new heights!
  • We all have boxes full of photographic memories—preserving & repairing them is easier than you might think. Photoshop Hall-Of-Famer Bryan O’Neil Hughes will take you through the fastest, easiest & most powerful methods of capturing, organizing, archiving & repairing your photos.


  • This class is packed with insider tips and filming secrets so you can finally use video for yourself or for your clients, without having to take days or weeks of cinematography classes to learn about shot angles and scene structure that you'll never, ever use. There's a kind of video that nobody ever talks about, and that needs to change. It's simple video, captured by still photographers, that they add to their client services list to make a lot more money. In this class you’ll learn how to take advantage of that. You will also learn how to promote your business and land more clients by capturing yourself on camera. It's video that's easy to capture and looks truly professional. No movie-making or independent film creation here. No camera sliders or gibs. No special effects. Just simple recording using a locked-down camera, mounted on a tripod.
  • Join Kaylee Greer, professional dog photographer and Pupparazzi star, as she teaches you how to avoid common mistakes and learn the best sneaky, effective tricks to leverage the power of social media to grow your business and bring your images to the eyes of viewers across the world.
  • In this class you’ll learn how to turn those thousands of images just sitting on your hard drive into a potential revenue stream. Get tips on what sells and what doesn’t. Mat will walk you through the entire whole process step-by-step.
  • As we all know, it’s very easy for one to pick up a camera for the first time and fall in love with photography. We’ve all felt that shabang'in feeling. At first it’s a hobby and then one day the thought hits you, “Hey, I think I can charge for this!” It could be a kid’s session or a family portrait that gets the ball rolling for you. In order to turn this killer hobby into a business, you need to figure out how to milk that camera for everything it’s worth. Peter firmly believes that if you are going to play the portrait photographer game, then without a doubt headshots should be on your list of available services. Headshot photography is a growing field that requires a unique skill set comprised of the combination of technical know how coupled with your ability to direct your subject. In this class Peter Hurley will run through the process that he has used to become the leader in this industry. He’ll go through how to get started with building your kit, how to direct your subject, and how to create a consistent look that gets you booked. If you like photographing people and would consider adding headshots to your list of services then this class is for you.
  • Join Joel Grimes for an informative sessions on how to make an amazing living with your camera. Joel will give you all of the insight you need to take your career to a whole new level.
  • This session will look at the subject from the very moment when you get a request in for a potential shoot. This is a one hour open strategy guide to help you get your quote right, ask the right questions, know what those questions are, and understand what’s needed so that you can improve your chances of both success for gaining the commission but also setting the right expectation and mindset with your client for future business together. This session is one that Tim has specifically put together to look at how to gather the right mindset and approach to this. Putting together a successful quote can seem at first like trying to climb a mountain when your not even sure where the mountain is. Join Tim to learn how to master the art of the creating a quote.
  • Join Kaylee Greer on a journey into inspiration and uncover the tips for success from the most unlikely artist of all—a professional dog photographer!

The Full Schedule By Track - Day Three (Fri. August 23rd)



  • Jumping dancers, a flick of the hair… images with motion are always eye catchers. In this live shoot Frank Doorhof will show you different techniques to capture motion. You will go through the complete workflow while Frank teaches you everything you need to know to start capturing your own stunning frozen motion images.
  • As a former model turned photographer, Hurley knows what it’s like to be in front of and behind the lens. Drawing from his past experience as a model, he’s carefully honed his craft of photographing headshots. In this session, Peter will highlight his 10 favorite tips to ensure success during a headshot session and share his insight into direction during a portrait shoot in order to pull the most out of your subject.
  • You see the world in your own special way—and you have an artistic voice which is singularly yours. Honing it to speak clearly takes focus, specificity and single-mindedness; it’s a discipline, just like any other. In this class on composition, through a series of examples, Karen Hutton takes people through a creative process which they can put into practice immediately to tell stories of wherever they are, no matter how mundane or boring they might think it is. Attendees will learn how storytelling, love, awe, choices, specificity, focus—and gear—all play a vital role in helping you become your own creative force.
  • Join Dave Black for an interactive presentation with Q&A and learn game day strategies and the gear used for capturing a variety of sports and action imagery for editorial & commercial clients, senior portraits, youth teams, high school, college, and pro teams. Attendees will learn how to: photograph sports the way professionals do, determine camera settings and white balance for high school and college night games and indoor gymnasiums, game coverage strategies for football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, and more. They will also learn how to use a remote camera, and gain tips on how to get photo credentials for high school, NCAA, and professional sports.


  • In this session we'll look at how to tackle projects with production advocacy in mind. This means setting up your projects so that you can mitigate risks when clients change their mind on your edit decision. In this session Mark will also discuss how to process images in bulk without sacrificing quality. This course is ideal for anyone that wants to learn how to improve performance and efficiency by working with batches of image.
  • Join Victoria as she shows you how to create fantasy art from scratch using your own images.
  • Getting the perfect mask will always be painful unless you know the right tricks! Packed with powerful techniques, this class will focus on ways to make the masking process blazing fast and easy. Master the techniques to make it simple, perfect, and efficient; whether that means changing the backgrounds, replacing the skies, or retouching your portraits, after all, it all starts with a great mask. If you are having trouble selecting complex objects like hair or transparent tumblers, we've got a trick or two for you. Right from "What is a Mask?" to creating some of the coolest special effects, by the end, I guarantee that masking will never be the same.
  • Skin retouching doesn’t have to be one of the hardest things to learn in Photoshop! In this advanced Photoshop class we will dive deep into the two top techniques you’ll need to master in order to create beautiful, flawless skin for your portraits. If you’re wondering about Frequency Separation and Dodge and Burn, you can’t miss this new, updated class!!


  • In this class, Photoshop Hall-Of-Famer, Bryan O’Neil Hughes will show you a fast, modern, multi-app/multi-platform workflow. Sharing with you the lesser-known tips, tricks & shortcuts. He will also highlight CC member services & benefits not often known. This course has something for everyone & offers a number of ways to get the most out of the tools you have.
  • Are you the kind that likes to tinker? Maybe it’s not all about finishing a photo as fast as possible, but more about the “art” of the editing process for you. And maybe you’re the type that likes total control over every aspect and tonality of their photos while editing. If that sounds like you at all, then Luminosity Masks are definitely something to get to know more about. Join Matt and dive deep into what Luminosity Masks can do for you.
  • Scott’s Seven Point System book revolutionized how photographers edit their images, and in this new course you’re going to learn his latest updates and refinements to the system (including his own post processing “secret sauce”) for Lightroom (or Camera Raw) users. Once you learn these Seven Points, you’ll know exactly what to do, in what order, and why for every JPEG, Raw, and TIFF photo you edit. It will transform the way you edit your photos from this moment on.
  • In Photography, there is a long tradition of dramatic black and white images. The body of work of Ansel Adams is a good example. Serge will show you how to use Lightroom CC to convert your photos to black & white for a strong emotional impact.


  • Discover the techniques that can be utilized through layers that will elevate your Photoshop design skills. You’ll learn how to master masking, Layer Styles, Groups, Smart Objects and more. If you understand the basics of layers but not much else, this is the class for you!
  • In this class Tim Wallace will deconstruct a completed composite image working back to its origins revealing all of the paths along the way. Tim will show you the step-by-step elements and techniques that he used in the final composite. In doing so you will learn such things as how you can color match your subject to your background image accurately and the ‘mindset’ and approach to making a composite. It’s very important that when you start to look at making a composite that you learn to plan out what you want to do before you even start shooting any frames. By doing this properly you can plan out exactly what you need to shoot, how you need to shoot it, and where it will fit into the final piece of work so that your perspective and distance of your elements allows them to blend together in the best possible way. In this class, Tim will talk through how to plan ahead and how he manages those factors.
  • Join Mark Heaps and learn about composition, color, contrast, grids, and more. Mark will walk you through some of his techniques on how to decide what will boost the signal of what your image is trying to say. This will be a session of case studies from Mark's personal projects and editing practices for his clients like Dell, Adobe, Capital One, Google, and Apple. Mark regularly partners with Marketing Directors, Creative Directors, and C-level executives to design images that speak to a function of their need.
  • Join Dave and discover the best methods for working more efficiently in Photoshop. Be amazed at how much time you can save—and how much more you can focus on your creative side by using Tool Presets, Libraries, Templates, Data Driven Graphics, one-step Actions and much more.


  • Join Joel Grimes for an intense session on the art of using High Speed Sync. Joel will show you how to use High Speed Sync in the field to get some amazing images.
  • If you are into shooting on a budget, on the road with minimum gear, or you own a speedlight and just never use it this is the session for you. In this session Frank will be grabbing that speedlight for a live shoot where he will teach you how to use this handy little tool like a pro.
  • In this class, author and Canon Explorer of Light Roberto Valenzuela will pass on his light shaping techniques to achieve specific emotions, looks, and even age out of his subjects. This class will take you through an exciting journey of how to manipulate the shape, color, spread, and intensity of light to nail a very specific look.
  • Session description coming soon

Special Events - Day One thru Day Three

Day One (Weds. August 21st)

Day One (Weds. August 21st)

  • We kick off the conference with a fun, high-energy opening keynote from Scott Kelby and Adobe! And when Adobe takes the stage you know you’ll probably see a sneak peek of some really cool new technology or new products and the excitement sets the tone for the entire conference. You don’t want to miss it (because everybody will be talking about it)!
  • Topics to be discussed: New 2019 Copyright Registration rules, DMCA Safe Harbor, Embedding and In-Line Linking, Fair Use, Social Media and Copyright, The Media and the Law, Removal of Copyright Management Information under Section 1202, Current events: Recent copyright case rulings, Q&A - Feel free to bring your found claims for discussion.
  • See how easy it is to improve your photos by retouching them in Lightroom and Photoshop. From simple skin retouching to dramatic enhancements, Kristina will show you the power tips.
  • By using a tool like Plotagraph, it only takes 5 minutes or less to add motion to your photography! And, the best part for photographers is you don’t have to learn videography. Join Erik Kuna as he goes into what motion art is, and how it can be applied to your photos in just a few minutes.
  • Hear how Mat incorporates shooting Stock photography into his life and learn the tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid when contributing to Adobe Stock to increase your income stream.
  • The Photoshop World Portfolio reviews are an invaluable opportunity to have an in-depth review with candid appraisals, valuable business insights and real world, practical advice, on all aspects of your work from our distinguished line-up of Photoshop World instructors. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT Already registered? Find out what you need to bring.
  • Learn ways to create multiple image composites in Photoshop. See how selections, layers, masks, smart objects, and blend modes help create amazing composites.
  • Things Every Photographer Should Know. As the official camera reviewer at B&H for years and the author of dozens of camera classes on KelbyOne, Larry loves camera gear and all the bells and whistles of the various models. In this class, Larry will share insights about leveraging hidden and little-known camera features from all the major manufacturers and tell you how to get the most from your gear investment. It’s the first step to curing SOSS (Same Old Setting Syndrome) and getting even more value out of your camera.
  • Terry will share his proven tips for making annoying photo distractions disappear. See how the content-aware tools in Photoshop perform magic.
  • Imagine having all of your creative assets, at your fingertips from any computer or mobile device. Join Mark as he shows you how Creative Cloud Libraries can simplify your processes. Discover how to create new libraries, add assets, and reuse them across multiple applications.
  • How to set up a “set it and forget it” backup for photographers. This session is great for photographers of all skill levels and will teach you the 321 Backup Concept. Robert will show you how to set it up, the best file structure for photographers and how to build a good, better, best scenario hardware.
  • If you came to Photoshop World alone, you won’t be that way for long. We’ve planned dinners at four yummy casual restaurants nearby—Stop by the attendee information booth, pick a restaurant, pick up your “I’m a Stranger” button and enjoy the relaxed setting of a shared meal with 11 other people just like you. It’s a fun way to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Join Scott Kelby and BIG ELECTRIC CAT for the most talked about after-hours event of the conference and no better way to let loose and unwind after a packed day of learning. Mingle with the Photoshop World instructors and your fellow attendees while making some memories - it'll be a night to remember (plus, you can always sleep when you get home, right?). Your ticket (purchased separately for just $59) includes buffet dinner, two beverage tickets good for premium brand cocktails, wine & beer, plus a live performance by Scott Kelby and Big Electric Cat, followed by an Instructor Jam Session at The Mirage Las Vegas — You won't want to be left out of the fun. Plus attendees are welcome to bring a guest for an additional ticket purchase. Tickets sold separately. Price $59 | Limited availability | Must be at least 21 years of age to attend
Day Two (Thurs. August 22nd)

Day Two (Thurs. August 22nd)

  • This session focuses on the proper payment of workers in the print industry. Experts from The TEAM Companies will address misunderstandings about freelancer hiring practices and what it takes to be compliant in the changing environment of print production.
  • We all have great cameras with us wherever we go, but how many of us use their full potential? Join Bryan as he shares techniques for improving your smart phone photos.
  • In this class you’ll learn how to turn those thousands of images just sitting on your hard drive into a potential revenue stream. Get tips on what sells and what doesn’t. Mat will walk you through the entire whole process step-by-step.
  • Grab your camera and come ready to work. We’re going to challenge you, push you, delight you, and inspire you. We can’t tell you anymore than that, but we promise you’ll learn, laugh, and gain some valuable experience. Must be a registered full conference attendee to register for this event | Limited to 80 participants | Register Today
  • Experience the benefits of being able to work with your photos anywhere, on any device, at any time. Bryan will show techniques, shortcuts, and editing tips for Lightroom CC.
  • Learn how to create stronger portraits with posing, lighting techniques, and editing with Lightroom.
  • Did you know that you can capture raw DNG files with your phone? That you can edit those files & any of your camera-sourced raw or JPEGs anywhere—without compromise. From 12MP phone files to 50MP medium format images, Photoshop Hall of Famer Bryan O’Neil Hughes will show you that real, professional work can be done anywhere. Bryan will also highlight a number of exciting tips, tricks, apps, services & more to accelerate your creativity & productivity.
  • Join Matt to learn his favorite tips for using Lightroom’s helpful features to make your landscape photos shine.
  • Join Victoria as she demonstrates how to transform an ordinary photo into extraordinary art with Photoshop. Anything from landscapes to people to pets can become watercolor, oils, pastels and even sketches. All by using Photoshop.
  • In this class, learn twenty handpicked 1-2 minute tricks that will make a world of difference in the way you edit. Discover the hidden gems in Photoshop, with extremely useful techniques for your daily workflow. From One-Click Wonders to Automatic Processing, learn the craziest tricks whether you’re into designing, compositing, or retouching. Learn to use Photoshop in ways in which it is not designed to be used but that will make the process faster, easier, and more fun. Whether it is relighting with one click or password protecting your images, let’s explore.
  • Join Mat, an entertainment and celebrity event photographer in the Pacific Northwest, as he shows his tricks for getting better concert and event shots than you thought possible.
  • Join us for an evening you’ll be talking about for years as we welcome internationally acclaimed, award-winning photographer, Joe McNally. Joe is known not only for being one of the top technically excellent photographers of his generation, but also for his charming demeanor, confidence and humor. He is the sought-after choice from CEO’s to celebrities to commercial and magazine clients alike and he is yours for the evening! Joe will show you his work and talk candidly about the highs and lows of trying to survive as a working professional photographer. He’ll talk business, about winning and losing jobs and why, and offers slices of reality amidst the hectic pace of trying to shoot pictures and please clients.
  • If you’re lucky enough to snag one of the 200 free tickets to this late-night event, you’re in for a hilarious evening of surprises, laughter, prizes, games and fun, which has become legendary among Photoshop World Alumni. Hosted by none other than the conference ringmaster himself, Scott Kelby, and special guests. Tickets are given out show site the morning of the event, on a first come, first served basis.
Day Three (Fri. August 23rd)

Day Three (Fri. August 23rd)

  • Photoshop World wraps up by celebrating the work of our 2019 attendees with the prestigious Photoshop World Guru Awards ceremony. We also share a few laughs and finish up with drawings for lots of amazing prizes provided by our partners. It’s the perfect way to wrap up an amazing week!

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    Chat live through the app with other attendees. Share the sessions you plan to take, which instructors rocked their session, or anything you want to discuss.

  • Map

    If you are prone to getting lost this is the feature for you. We have a detailed map of the convention center right there in the app.

  • Rate Each Session

    After each class you can go into the app in your schedule and rate both the instructor and the overall experience.

  • Access Local Info

    Hungry? Want to know the closest restaurants? Need an ATM, a local cab, or need some medical services? All of that can be found right there in our app.

  • Workbook

    No more lugging around the physical version of our workbook! It is now available as a download through our app (or by clicking here and entering the password provided show site.)

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