Photoshop Workshops for Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers face many unique challenges in their profession. In addition to calming uncooperative ring bearers and producing photos beautiful enough to please the most demanding bridezilla, you also have to be skilled in the art of editing using Photoshop. Luckily, workshops at the Photoshop World Conference and Expo can help you develop these skills no matter your skill level.

Some topics covered in our Photoshop workshops include:

  • Lighting Ė Itís rare that the light situation for a wedding is perfect, especially if itís outdoors. From adjusting exposure to adding fill light and more, our workshops will show you how to make the most with what youíve got.
  • Action shooting Ė While most photographers get a dedicated slot of time to photograph the wedding party, shooting the guests is usually much less planned. Thatís where action shooting comes in. Whether itís capturing the movement of the brideís dress as she dances or getting the bouquet in midair, weíll show you how to precisely time your shots and then how to edit them in Photoshop without losing the movement of the subjects.
  • Outdoor weddings Ė Natural light can be both a blessing and a curse. Our workshops include specific instruction on editing natural light. From maintaining the proper white balance without losing the golden sunset to editing pictures from a rainy day, our instructors go through it all.

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