Learn about Photography Lighting Techniques at the Photoshop World Conference

When it comes to photography lighting techniques, everyone seems to have something to say. But how do you cut through the millions of tips to find the ones that really work? The answer lies in lighting courses and workshops at the Photoshop World conference. Taught by industry giants like Scott Kelby and Joe McNally, our classes show you how to get the most out of available lighting, properly set up indoor and outdoor lighting, integrate various types of flash, and edit in Photoshop or Lightroom for the greatest effect.

What Subjects are Covered?

Any photographer knows that equipment and technology change at a lighting pace, and thatís why at Photoshop World, our classes change every year too. In addition to covering general tips and tricks for digital photography lighting, our instructors teach you the ins and outs of updated software and hardware so you can get more out of your investment. Whether youíre a portrait photographer,†specialize in landscapes or you’re a modern wedding photographer, you can expect to learn new ways of thinking about and approaching lighting that will help you create mind-blowing images.

Ready to learn more photography lighting techniques? Check our current schedule for a list of the exact classes, and sign up for the Photoshop World conference today!

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