Photoshop World Has Photography Workshops Too.

There’s a reason why the word “photo” is in Photoshop and that’s because Photoshop World is just as much about photography workshops as it is about Photoshop training. Within the 100+ classes that take place over the 72-hour period, you’ll find whole tracks dedicated to photography. From lighting to HDR and wedding photography to taking pictures of food for commercial use, fashion & more, you’ll find “mini workshops” on everything you’ve ever wanted to know.

What if I’m Looking for In-Depth Photography Workshops?

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth; don’t worry, we have those too. The day before Photoshop World begins is reserved for our “pre con workshops” – these are daylong, hands-on digital photography workshops taught by the industry’s top pros.

All our pre-conference workshops are optional and carry an additional fee but are only available to Photoshop World attendees. Some of these workshops feature the following:

  • Concert photography with Alan Hess where you will shoot Scott Kelby’s band as they play live on stage with a full concert lighting rig,
  • A “photo safari” with Joe McNally and Moose Peterson where you’ll go off site to explore the region while learning from two of the industry’s best as you all take pictures.
  • HDR from start to finish including a photo shoot.
  • Wedding photography in a real setting – complete with bride and groom.
  • Plus workshops on making videos with DSLR, learning proper lighting techniques, and more!

Our Loyal Sponsors

A big shout out to all of our loyal sponsors who continuously support us. These are our most prestigious sponsors across all events!