Photoshop World is Also about Photography Training.

You’ll find plenty of photography training among the 100+ classes at Photoshop World. Classes include a Canon Speedlite Speed Session, Small Flash Basics, Lighting Techniques in Still Life Photography, A Guide to Sports Action Photography, Exposure & Composition, Real World Image Sharpening, Digital Camera Essentials, Shooting Landscapes with ACR Finishing, HDR Plug-Ins, Fantasy Portraits, and Mastering the Composite Image to name just a few.

I’m Looking for Quality Photography Training.

If you’re looking for quality photography training and education then look no further than Photoshop World. All our instructors are at the top of their field, not just as professional photographers, but also as photography teachers. You’ll find best-selling books, national and international awards, trending Internet popularity, #1 podcasts, and resumes featuring top publications attached to every Photoshop World instructor’s name.

Photoshop World’s instructors hail from all disciplines as well including: wedding photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, outdoor photography, concert photography, black and white photography, editorial photography and commercial photography. In our digital photograph training courses, you’ll also find street photographers, photojournalists, studio light experts, natural light experts, HDR experts, Photo painting experts, Lightroom experts, copyright and copyright law business experts, hot shoe experts, composition experts, DSLR video experts, retouching experts, photography marketing experts, and of course, Photoshop Experts.

Our Loyal Sponsors

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