Photography Studio Lighting at Photoshop World

Not all photography studio lighting is the same. Fortunately, there is an entire track of photography classes at Photoshop World that take you through the various forms of lighting techniques to allow you to learn how to shape light in the most subtle of ways. Ways that turn good photography into great photography.

What Types of Photography Studio Lighting Do You Cover?

In addition to the ever-popular portrait photography lighting, Photoshop World also offers classes on product photography lighting with instructors in the industry such as Jim DiVitale. All our classes on photography lighting techniques include live shooting sessions. There, you will learn via live tutorial to grasp the proper workflow and lighting techniques needed for creative studio photography. Relevant topics taught for product photography lighting include Raw tethered capture, lighting formulas, Raw image processing and final file enhancement.

You can also receive photography training in even more highly specialized photography studio lighting techniques such as food photography lighting.

Photoshop World Teaches Food Photography Lighting?

Yes. Among our many talented and recognized photographers and instructors, we are lucky to countsuch food and product photography greats as Joe Glyda among them. Glyda hasbeen perfecting the art of food photography and food photography lighting for over 35 and he happily shares those years of insight at Photoshop World.

Not only will you learn the subtleties of food photography lighting, but youíll also learn the insider tips and tricks that help make food photography look so good. Hint, itís not as appetizing as you would think.

This is just a small sample that awaits you at Photoshop World. You will find an entire track devoted to photography lighting techniques in the Photoshop World schedule.

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