Photography Courses to Suit Every Discipline

No matter your preference, Photoshop World has photography courses suited just for you. More than half of the 100+ courses on the current Photoshop World Schedule are geared towards photography, and thatís not including the bonus classes, demos and opportunities that await you on the Expo floor.

The classes we offer take you from technical to transcendent with plenty of stops in between along the way.

Photoshop World is your chance to get inside the heads of the industryís top professionals and see the world through their lens with our digital photography workshops. Lose yourself for a couple hours with photography legend, Jay Maisel, as he shares how he creates modern masterpieces with natural light and hardly any retouching. Discover what itís like hanging out in the wilderness with Moose Peterson capturing the beauty of nature. Get philosophical with Jean Paul Caponigro as he shows you how to free your mind and unleash your creativity.

What if I Just Want to Take Better Pictures? Are There Photography Courses for That?

Sure! The entire goal of the Photoshop World conference is to have you come away with both a head full of knowledge and a heart full of inspiration. Learn how commercial photographers make their pictures look so good with Joe Glyda, then recreate them in your studio or home. Go over the latest HDR Plug-Ins with Ben Willmore and discover the one thatís right for you. Master the art of flash photography at a seminar with Rick Sammon and learn some easy tricks on-hand as you shoot with him. Discover what you can create with a light meter and a color checker with Frank Doorhof. Youíll be amazed at the things you will learn in our photography courses and apply right away.

Before the three days are up, youíll be taking better pictures!

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