Photographic Classes for Outdoor Shooting

Whether you’re shooting landscapes or portraits, outdoor photography presents unique challenges that can test the creativity and technical skill of even the most seasoned photographer. At the Photoshop World Conference and Expo, there are photographic classes specifically tailored to teach you how to confront and overcome these challenges so you can create beautiful photos in any light and any environment.

Some of the topics that might be covered include:

  • Lighting for portraits – From single-source lighting to multi-flash setups, reflectors, and more, our instructors will teach you how to properly position your subjects and the light for the greatest effect.
  • Weddings – In addition to classes focusing just on lighting, PSW has photo training that’s tailored to the specific requirements of shooting for outdoor weddings. These courses cover everything from portraits to landscapes, lighting, composition, posing, timing, and much more.
  • Architecture/Scenery – Capturing the personality of a person in a photo is one thing; conveying that of a building or landscape is another. Our teachers will show you how to compose photos that create exactly the mood you’re looking for and showcase the details of any structure.

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