Photo Training Three Ways at the Photoshop World Conference

During the three-day marathon of the Photoshop World Conference and Expo, there are limitless possibilities for photo training. From lighting to Lightroom, wedding photography, and more, we cover nearly every technique, tool and topic photographers care about. Our attendees get this knowledge from a combination of three sources:

  • Pre-Conferences Workshops – These one-time events are held before the actual conference begins and last a few hours. Oftentimes they are held on location, meaning you learn out in the real world. For example, a workshop on wedding photography might actually involve shooting side-by-side with our master instructor at a “real” wedding. This kind of invaluable, hands-on experience helps you develop a deeper understanding of the processes that the pros use so you can apply them in your own photography.
  • Photo Classes – After the pre-conference workshops are over, our photo training classes begin. These are held throughout the conference and are shorter than the workshops, usually just an hour long. They are grouped into specific “tracks” and are often taken in sequence. For example, an attendee might go to three different classes on a given day, all of which cover different techniques for photography lighting.
  • Socially – Workshops and classes aren’t the only place to learn at PSW. In fact, many people find that one of the best things they take away is their new relationships with people they met at the conference. The conference gives you a chance to make professional or friendly acquaintances and to learn from other people in your industry.

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