Photoshop World Takes Outdoor Photography Lighting and Brings it to the Classroom

You wouldn’t expect to learn a lot about outdoor photography lighting at an indoor photography convention but that’s just one of the many great things about Photoshop World – we cover that topic too!

What Kind of Outdoor Photography Lighting Can I Learn?

With the addition of world-renowned sports photographer, Dave Black, Photoshop World takes the concept of outdoor photography lighting to a whole new level with training and tips on action shooting from a man who has captured 12 Olympic Games (among other amazing events). But you’ll also learn about dealing with natural light sources outside from wedding photographer Cliff Mautner who trains you in how to capture the prettiest of pictures in the harshest of light.

And of course, no Photoshop World would be complete without a digital photography lighting tutorial from the outdoor lighting master, Joe McNally. The author of bestselling book, The Hot Shoe Diaries (filled with stunning outdoor lighting shots) takes it up a notch with a photography lighting technique class called Hot Shoe Flash – The Next Step. Learn from one of the greats on working with up to three speedlights while discovering light shaping tools and strategies.

This is just a small sample that awaits you at Photoshop World. You will find an entire track and workshops devoted to photography lighting techniques in the Photoshop World schedule.

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