In-Depth Workshops – Maximize Your Experience

Taking place the day before the conference begins (on September 2nd), you can get a jumpstart with one of our In-Depth Workshops hosted by top-notch Photoshop World instructors. (These In-Depth Workshops require separate registry and fee.)

Photo Safari

with Moose Peterson | 12:00pm - 07:00pm

Want to learn the language of light? That’s what we talk about at the workshop and we do it in fun and imaginative ways. Starting in the classroom, we go over basics needed for our shoot. Then we’ll travel to the Dixie Wing of the Commemorative Air Force where we put into practice what we learned in the classroom and more. We have one of a kind warbirds (and one of a kind access) along with WWII reinactors as our models for the afternoon. And as always with Moose, there is a surprise or two included in the price. Come, explore and learn the language of light!

Limited to 40 participants. | Lunch and transportation included.

Price: $299

Characters On Location: Telling Stories With Light

with Joe McNally | 12:00pm - 07:00pm

On location shoot with characters that could include firefighters, ballerinas, fashion models, circus folks. Interesting people in an interesting place. Big flash. Small flash. Constant light. Available light. What could go wrong?

The day starts in class with Joe McNally as he describes and shows the basics of light, and when you might want to use a particular type of light to describe a scene. Hard light, soft light, multiple light, gelled light with a color, lighting the foreground with one look and the background with another–all will be shown and discussed in a free wheeling Q&A designed to get the class ready for the location. While all this is happening, that location is being prepared with models, makeup, lighting, assistants–the whole nine yards of on location flash photography. Participants will get to rotate to different “sets,” each manned by an experienced assistant or lighting rep, while Joe rotates from set to set, discussing strategies, lighting effects, and modifiers. You will have access to small flash, big flash, and constant light sources, all deployed for you so that you can experiment with the language of light, and tell the story of your subject. The basics of using one light are covered, as well as advanced techniques like high speed sync flash and rim lighting. Experiment with gear ranging from one small speed light to a 74″ Octa fitted with a studio strobe. No one keeps a class entertained like Joe and his knowledgeable crew, so a day of lighting and laughs is guaranteed.

Limited to 45 participants. | Lunch and transportation provided.

Price: $299

Real World Concert Photography Shoot

with Alan Hess | 12:00pm - 05:00pm

With Alan Hess and Scott Diussa.
Here is your backstage pass to concert photography. This class covers it all, from obtaining credentials to photo pit etiquette, from having the right gear for the job to getting the proper exposure. Then we will put this all into practice by shooting a live band and covering how to process your images for great results. If you want to learn how to capture great images of low-light performances and feel the adrenaline rush of a fast paced real world concert shooting environment…then this workshop is for you!

Limited to 45 participants.

Price: $199

Canon: Live Studio Model Shoot

with Reznicki/ Tapp | 12:00pm - 06:00pm

Commercial Photographer, copyright expert, and Explorer of Light Jack Reznicki, and Professional Photographer, post processing guru and Explorer of Light Eddie Tapp will take you on an intensive journey
demonstrating theory and actual use of pro commercial lighting gear to capture magazine quality images, then process for finishing and printing, detailing color control, use current modern printers to print output.
All photographers, regardless of camera platform, are welcome.

The Live Shoot! features live models, professional flashes, stands, backgrounds, light modifiers…as well as Canon printers, and technical staff to assist.

Bring your camera, favorite portrait lens, and your laptop loaded with a current version of Photoshop and a memory card, and get ready to rock….

And the topping on the treat is that three of the best images will be presented as semi-finalists at the Keynote Event the next day; the images will be seen by all the Photoshop World attendees present, and the attendees will vote on the best image of class.

Limited to 40 participants. | Transportation and snacks provided.

price: $199

Lightpainting The Town

with Dave Black | 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Equipment Requirements: Each participant will need to bring their own 35mm DSLR digital camera and Flash Card or SD Card. Short zoom lenses like the 24mm-70mm are ideal. A sturdy Tripod is also required. A Headlamp is recommended as the class will be working in the dark after sunset.

They must also bring their own LED flashlight.

Recommended LED flashlight is: Bolt 2L by:Inova

Recommended Reading: Participants can learn about the technique of Lightpainting on Dave Black’s website:
Click: Workshop at the Ranch
There you will find several in depth articles on how to Lightpaint.

Participants can also learn about Lightpainting by watching Dave’s Lightpainting classes on Kelby Training.

Limited to 45 participants. | Transportation and snacks provided.

price: $199

Photoshop For Beginners

with Pete Collins | 01:00pm - 05:00pm

Let’s face it… Photoshop is a big scary program. There are so many choices and options that easily overwhelm a newcomer…however there are just a few main components that are at the heart of this software. We are going to take the time to show you the key areas that you will need to understand to get you up and running in Photoshop. This is not going to be a bunch of quick tips, but rather focusing on the principle working elements of the program so you can feel confident to tackle whatever challenges you need to tackle in Photoshop.

price: $99

Lightroom Crash Course

with Matt Kloskowski | 01:00pm - 05:00pm

Get ready for the best Photoshop® Lightroom® training on the planet! You’ll be taught by Matt Kloskowski, one of the world’s top Lightroom experts. Sit tight as he shows you an insider’s view of Lightroom. From Start to Finish, from image capture to final print – you’ll see it unfold right in front of you, as you learn step-by-step how to take control of your digital photography workflow. This seminar will teach you how to take your photography to an amazing new level of productivity, efficiency, and fun with real world insider techniques that will make your life easier, and free your time so you can do what you really want with your photography.

price: $99