Lightroom Training Conference

Spending More Time Behind the Lens Just Got Easier!

There’s only one place to get three days of comprehensive and time-saving Lightroom tips, tricks and training from a world?class team of Photoshop instructors—the Lightroom training conference at Photoshop World.

During this intense three-day conference, you’ll get the invaluable techniques, insight, advice, and Photoshop & photography training you’ll need to simplify your workflow from shoot to finish—no matter your skill level.

This is the only Lightroom training conference of its kind, and it’s happening only at the Photoshop World design and photography convention in Las Vegas. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn about every aspect of this amazing workflow program!

Register by August 23, 2010 and receive a FREE gift package* that includes the official Lightroom training conference t-shirt, as well as a NAPP Nation military cap and patch. Simply use this special code—
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The first complete live LR3 training available anywhere!

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Tuesday, April 8th


Changing Focus

Video production concepts for the photographer. From a cinematic view, add video content using Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

Eddie Tapp Lightroom Track

Lightroom Bootcamp

An introduction to Lightroom and the workflow that'll make using it a breeze. You'll learn importing and organizing, developing and editing in both Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as printing and presenting your photos.

Matt Kloskowski Lightroom Track

Organizing Your Images in Lightroom

Lightroom is the industry standard program for organizing and editing your images.  Having a solid organizing strategy for your images is absolutely essential in getting the most out of Lightroom. Whether you are just starting in Lightroom, or have haphazardly thrown hundreds of images into a folder and find ourself frustrated for. Solution this class will give you the steps you need to finally take over the organization of your images in Lightroom.

Julieanne Kost Lightroom Track

Round Trip Workflow for Photographers

Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC combined put an unbelievable amount of the editing, organizing, and publishing power at our finger tips. In this class we explore what takes place after the photoshoot is done. We’ll cover importing and editing your photos in Lightroom, creating proof galleries to share with your subjects and clients, sending files to Photoshop for that final finessing, and then bringing them back again ready for export and delivery. Everything the working photographer needs to finish their photos and get back out into the field to make some more!

Erik Valind Lightroom Track

Wednesday, April 9th


Predictable Color - Getting Results in LR and PS

Get the best results easily from your workflow when you put a few simple steps in place.

Eddie Tapp Lightroom Track

The Why and How of Cataloging In Lightroom

Coming back from a safari with 300GB of 11,000 images sounds taunting, unless you have your editing and cataloging workflow down. Utilizing the power and tools of Lightroom, wee how to get it done quickly and how to locate and manage that many photos at one sitting. Jack will also show how he produced an 80 page Blurb book easily in Lightroom.

Jack Reznicki Lightroom Track

Using VSCO Presets to Augment your Vision

While Photography is about technique, the expression of that technique can take on many forms. Plugins and Presets play a big part in realizing a specific look and feel to an image. Photographer Jeremy Cowart goes over his processing technique and how he achieves an artistic look and feel using the VSCO presets for Lightroom.

Jeremy Cowart Lightroom Track

Creating Your Own Custom Photo Books with Lightroom 5

In this session you'll learn how to create beautiful photo books from right within Lightroom 5 itself. You'll see the entire workflow, step-by-step and exactly how to create your own custom books the easy way. There are lots of little inside tips, tricks, and time-saving techniques that you'll learn that will make creating photo books one of the most-fun, easy, and enjoyable parts of your photographic journey.

Scott Kelby Lightroom Track

Photoshop & Lightroom Tips and Tricks for Model Photography

Learn to let your model stand out, painting with light in Photoshop, using body shaping techniques, black and white with impact, manipulating color to go from ok to wow.
Also as added bonus a small part on calibration of the monitors and colorcheckers.

Frank Doorhof Lightroom Track

Lightroom 5 Workflow

New to Lightroom 5? In this class you'll see an end-to-end workflow to get your up and running the right way.

Terry White Lightroom Track

Zack's Daily Lightroom Tips and Practices

Zack Arias Lightroom Track

Thursday, April 10th


Advanced Lightroom Techniques

Lightroom is an intuitive image-editing environment and at first glance it is very straightforward. This session will delve into the advanced features of working with Lens Profiles, Camera Calibration, and Selective Editing tools to speed up image processing and expand creative exploration. Additionally, the session will address working with the Map module and how to geotag your images.

Bryan Hughes Lightroom Track

Lightroom Catalog and Collections

This class will focus on one of the most understated features in Lightroom – The Collections and Catalog. Have multiple catalogs you need to work through? Find your answer here. Need to setup a good Collection Set strategy? We got it here. Want to know how to best use slideshow collections and smart collections for quick access to your best work? This class has it.

RC Concepcion Lightroom Track

Lightroom - The Develop Module

Discover how to create the highest quality image possible by harnessing the power within the Develop module in Adobe Lightroom. Master the tools needed to enhance, refine and add creative effects to your images using both global and local non-destructive image adjustments including white balance, tone curves, vibrance, clarity, sharpening, and color enhancements. Learn how to create presets to quickly apply these effects to multiple images and prepare your images for final delivery.

Julieanne Kost Lightroom Track

By registering for the Lightroom Conference at Photoshop World, you’ll have the opportunity to switch between the exciting Lightroom training sessions and any other Photoshop World design and photography classes throughout the course of the convention.

*Must use the special code to receive the free gift package, which will be distributed at Photoshop World.