Advanced Lighting Workshop Options at Photoshop World

If you’re looking for a lighting workshop that goes beyond the basics, then you need to come to the Photoshop World Convention and Expo. In addition to our many photography classes that focus on lighting, we also offer a number of pre-conference workshops, many of which deal with or even focus exclusively on photography lighting. In these workshops, you can expect to learn techniques and tips from masters in the industry. Not only do they cover general methods of mastering lighting, but they’ll also cover recent developments and provide training in the technology of lighting such as new flash equipment and software upgrades.

Some of the topics you might learn about in a lighting workshop at Photoshop World include:

These are just a few of the many topics you can learn about from insiders at PSW lighting courses and workshops. Our schedule of photography training classes and pre-conference workshops changes every year to better accommodate attendees, so check with the latest schedule for a list of this year’s events.

Ready to take your photo skills to the next level? Register for the Photoshop World Conference and Expo and sign up for a pre-conference lighting workshop today!

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