Learn about Photo Lighting at the Photoshop World Conference

One of the most difficult things to get right in photography is undoubtedly lighting, and any photographer knows that the right balance between shadows and highlights can turn a good picture into a truly great one. But, how do you capture this? Between setting up the shot and tweaking it in Photoshop, there are a million ways to alter the contrast between dark and light, and at the Photoshop World conference, we have classes to help you take advantage of all tools at your disposal. With our expert photography and Photoshop instructors, youíll learn how to make the most of any lighting, whether itís low-light indoors or blazing sun outside, and then how to perfect it in Photoshop.

Our Photo Lighting Classes

While almost all of our pre-conference workshops and classes deal with lighting to some degree or another,†we also offer courses that are exclusively focused on the particulars of lighting . Some of these classes may focus on using a particular type of flash, shooting in natural light, and how to make the most of the light available to you. They can also go into the technological aspects of changing lighting in Photoshop. Best of all, these classes change every year, so youíll always be learning something new, from lighting to business techniques and more.

These are just a few of our offerings at Photoshop World, and we invite you to peruse our current schedule of our photography classes as well as the pre-conference workshops for photography lighting instruction and much more.

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