Digital Photo Workshops for Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography is unlike any other field in the industry. Professionals specializing in this area of photography are expected to be masters at everything from portrait photography, still life, action shooting, Photoshop and more Ė not to mention having an extensive knowledge of fashion itself. Thatís why the Photoshop World Conference is so perfect for photographers looking to advance in this industry. We give you an unparalleled opportunity to learn from masters in all areas of photography, from lighting to Photoshop, weddings, and more. With this access you can hone your skills in many of the varied requirements of your job, all within a whirlwind three days.

Some of the topics our instructors might cover in workshops include:

  • Lighting Ė Whether itís on a runway or for a magazine shoot, lighting is key to capturing and conveying the look and feel of clothing. Our teachers will show you how to work in any environment and how to process the images for the greatest effect.
  • Action shooting Ė Trying to catch a model in midair? Want to capture the movement of this seasonís slinky silk dress? Weíll show you how to seize the moment and pass it along to viewers.
  • Getting the shot Ė Not everyone is lucky enough to be front row at the fashion shows. Our classes teach you how to make the most of your position, even if itís at the back of the pack.

If youíre ready to learn more about fashion photography as well as must-try tricks and tips, then sign up today to attend one of the digital photo workshops at the Photoshop World Conference and Expo.

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