An Evening with Stacy Pearsall

Join us for an evening you’ll be talking about for years to come as we welcome one of the most inspiring photographers of our time; Stacy Pearsall. Pearsall will share with us about her time as a U.S. Air Force combat photographer, being injured in combat, and how that inspired her to start the Veterans Portrait Project an event that will tug at your heartstrings.

Pearsall got her start as an Air Force photographer at the age of 17. During her time in service, she traveled to over 41 countries and completed 3 combat tours. While in rehabilitation after sustaining injuries during combat in Iraq, surrounded by Veterans from every generation and all branches of service, Pearsall started the Veterans Portrait Project (VPP) to honor and thank them the only way she knew how, through photography. She’s traveled coast to coast with the VPP and has documented roughly 6,000 veterans in over 100+ engagements. In 2015, Pearsall assisted in the establishment of the Veterans Portrait Project: UK where former British Army combat engineer and photographer, Stephen Porteous, utilizes her concept for British veterans.

In 2016, Pearsall hosted community-based exhibitions showcasing veterans from their respective hometowns, conducted more VPP events and took part in a USAA sponsored YouTube docu-series of her adventures on the road with the VPP. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War, and those who fought valiantly, several VPP images will cover the walls within the Pentagon. In Spring 2017, her work will be featured in a joint exhibition, “The Face of Battle, Americans at War 9/11 to Now,” at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

In addition to her achievements with the VPP, some of Pearsall’s other accolades including being one of only two women to win the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) Military Photographer of the Year competition, and the only woman to have earned it twice. She also has been awarded the Trojan Labor American Hero Award, the Carolinas Freedom Foundation Freedom Award, honored with the Daughters of the American Revolution Margaret Cochran Corbin Award, lauded by the White House as a Champion of Change, and holds an honorary doctoral degree from The Citadel. Pearsall has served as a nominating juror for the Pulitzer Prize and held a presidential-appointed board member position for the NPPA. She sat on the advisory board of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at The Citadel since 2009.

We are honored to have Stacy on our stage in this special presentation open to all full conference attendees. It’s a night you won’t forget!

Open to all Attendees | 8:00 – 9:30pm | Friday, April 21, 2017