Digital Photography Lighting Before, During, and After the Shot

Whether youre shooting sports, weddings, or any other type of event, digital photography lighting makes the difference between an unremarkable image and a breathtaking photograph. At PSW, we offer classes to help you with lighting, from setting up the shot to quick adjustments and post-shoot processing.

Some of the many digital photography topics we cover include:

  • Highlights versus shadows Want to create a certain mood in your photo? The ratio of dark to light in the photograph makes all the difference, and our instructors will teach you how to achieve the look you want.
  • Outdoor lighting Sometimes, you dont have the luxury of studio lighting. Our courses teach you how to make the most of whatever light you have, whether its the dead of night or the middle of the day.
  • In-shoot adjustments When youre shooting live action, you dont always have time to sit and tweak camera settings. Well teach you how to assess and adjust on the fly so you can get the best shot possible without exhausting the patience of your subjects.
  • Retouching As you would expect from a Photoshop conference, our classes also go over editing a photos lighting in Photoshop. From adjusting exposure to contrast and more, our teachers show you how to tweak your images without compromising their integrity.

Want to learn more about digital photography lighting from masters in the field? Register today for the Photoshop World Conference and Expo and start picking your classes!