Photoshop World is More Than a Digital Photography Seminar

We get questions from time to time from people that have never been to Photoshop World asking us what’s the difference between this and a regular digital photography seminar. Our answer usually starts with, “Where do we begin?”

First of all, Photoshop World lasts three times longer than a regular photography conference. Second, there’s a lot more taking place than what happens at a regular photography seminar, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about lighting, copyright law, marketing, Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop (naturally), and what to do with your photos after you’ve taken them. Third, there’s also an Expo taking place where you can test new equipment, get some great deals, and even take some great pictures of your own at various booths.

Last, but certainly not least, Photoshop World is FUN! There are plenty of after-hour parties, photo walks, and events like Midnight Madness or the Art of Digital Photography to leave you either wired or incredibly inspired.

But What if I’m Only Interested in a Digital Photography Seminar?

You’re still in the right place. Photoshop World holds photography workshops the day before the event officially begins that are only available for attendees and there are plenty of photography classes to fill up the rest of your three-day schedule. Plus, every class at Photoshop World is taught by the amazing lineup of professionals behind NAPP and our own Kelby Training online classes. You really can’t go wrong!

Best of all, you get to take everything home with you in the form of an 800+ page workbook featuring the instructor notes from every single class. We get letters all the time from attendees telling us how their workbooks (even from a few years past) are still staples in their reference library that come in handy on a regular basis. What other photography seminar in the world can say that?


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