The PSW Apps

Organize Your PSW Experience

It’s Photoshop World at your fingertips! Access schedules, speaker bios, site maps, exhibitors and more form our 2015 mobile apps! Below you will find simple download instructions and tips on how to download and use the apps across different devices.

App for iPhone / iPad

ios psw app

Step 1 – Download the App

Step 2- Install the app

Step 3- Open the app

That is it! You are now ready to access information about the 2015 PhotoshopWorld Conference & Expo

App for Android

event live psw app

Step 1 – Download the App

Step 2- Create an account OR quickly sign in with our Facebook Login feature

Step 3- Enter Access Code: Photo

That is it! You are now ready to access information and get social in the live stream!!


After entering the Access Code: Photo you will be directed to the live social stream of the event. In the Top Right Corner of the screen you will see a Calendar icon. Click on it to access schedules, bios, exhibitors, files and more!

By clicking on Join Event you will be added to the attendee list where you can access other attendee’s profiles and social media information.

The Check-In feature places a notification in the social stream you have arrived.

Most events on the schedule will allow you to click on the title. Feel free to ask questions, provide feedback and leave comments in the social stream. Think of these as mini-events that compartmentalize communication. Note: By Joining these sub-events you can quickly access them later from the far left column of app!

Have a Kindle or Other Device?
Don’t Feel Like Downloading the App?

Simply open this link on your browser to access all information:

Our Loyal Sponsors

A big shout out to all of our loyal sponsors who continuously support us. These are our most prestigious sponsors across all events!