My Photoshop World – The Official PSW App

It’s Photoshop World at your fingertips! Get instructor and class info. Pick your classes. Create a customized schedule, and never miss a moment of PSW with a built in map, PSW blog reader, Twitter hashtag feeds, and countdown timer to your next event!


Customizable schedule –Choose by instructor, time, class name, or add an entire track.

Class reminder and map – Countdown to your next event and find it on the built-in map.

Maps – Expo Map with vendor list and bonus class sessions.

News Feed – Track the #PSW hashtag on Twitter and PSW blog feed.

Instructors – Learn more about the pros and their classes.


About the App

The Photoshop World iPhone and Android app is designed to put every minute of this amazing event at your fingertips with five sections and a high level of customization to make it your own:

My Photoshop World – This is your home screen. It shows the start time of the next seven events on your schedule. If an event starts in less than an hour, the time changes red and shows a countdown clock. Events stay on your home screen for one hour after their start time indicating a “Class in Session”.

News – Quickly catch up on the latest news from the Photoshop World blog and track what everyone’s saying on Twitter (via the #PSW hashtag). This app is not meant to replace your current twitter application, but it gives you the basic tools to see, tweet, and @reply #PSW. Perfect for keeping track of all the last-minute announcements and surprise giveaways that take place during the event.

Schedule – This is the best part. Choose from four schedules, My Schedule, Photoshop World Classes, Expo Classes, and Conference Events. When the app first launches, “My Schedule” is pre-filled with all of the conference events (opening keynote, Art of Digital Photography, etc). Simply tap the plus button to add a class or an entire track to your schedule from the PSW or Expo class schedules. Classes can be removed with a simple swipe to delete. All classes can be filtered by Date and Time, Session Track, Instructor, and Class Name. Have an empty time slot in your schedule? Tapping on the empty slot will pull up all the events taking place at that time. Best of all, never worry about getting lost or missing a class again. The PSW iPhone app will highlight where each class is located within the conference center and it will launch Google Maps for any event located outside the conference center.

Our Loyal Sponsors

A big shout out to all of our loyal sponsors who continuously support us. These are our most prestigious sponsors across all events!