In-Depth Workshop Check In

04/07/14 | Monday: Opens at 10:00am

If you are signed up for an In-Depth workshop, we open the Registration Counter at 10:00am so you can get checked in and ready to go for your special workshop in the afternoon.

Most of the In-Depth workshops start at noon or 1:00pm.
Bring your letter/badge (mailed to you prior to the conference) or online registration confirmation with you for check in.

After check in, many In-Depth workshop attendees return to their hotel rooms to drop off the PSW Workbook, and other check in materials prior to the start of their afternoon workshop. (We are not able to store any personal belongings in the In-Depth workshop rooms. If your workshop travels offsite, you have the option to keep your items on the bus at your own risk.)

Once you’ve checked in with us for an In-Depth workshop, you’re also officially checked in for the conference. So Tuesday morning, just head straight to the Opening Ceremony & Keynote, which starts at 9:00am.

In-Depth Workshops Equipment Requirements

Some of our In-Depth Workshops have some specific equipment requirements. So, if you’re registered for one of these workshops, make sure you take a look at the gear you’ll need to bring along.

Photo Safari
with Moose Peterson | 12:00pm – 7:00pm

Here is a basic list of gear you might want to bring:
• Camera body (with lots of card space)
• Wide angle lens – 14m m to perhaps 35mm
• Short telephoto – 85mm to 200mm
• Long lens – 400mm (if you feel like lugging it around)
• Photopack and white towel
• Flash – heck yah!

Canon: Live Studio Model Shoot
with Jack Reznicki & Eddie Tapp | 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Bring your camera, favorite portrait lens, and your laptop loaded with a current version of Photoshop and a memory card, and get ready to rock…. And the topping on the treat is that three of the best images will be presented as semi-finalists at the Keynote Event the next day; the images will be seen by all the Photoshop World attendees present, and the attendees will vote on the best image of class. The winner will receive a Canon 5D Mark III

Characters On Location
with Joe McNally | 12:00pm – 7:00pm

Please bring with you:
• Camera body (with lots of card space)
• Few of your Favorite lenses
• Your favorite flash

Professional Studio Shoot On Location
with Kevin Ames | 12:00pm – 6:00pm

Please bring with you:
• Camera body (with lots of card space)
• Few of your Favorite lenses

Lightpainting The Town
with Dave Black | 5:30pm – 10:30pm

Each participant will need to bring their own 35mm DSLR digital camera and Flash Card or SD Card. Short zoom lenses like the 24mm-70mm are ideal. A sturdy tripod is also required. A headlamp is recommended as the class will be working in the dark after sunset.
They must also bring their own LED flashlight.
Recommended LED flashlight is: Bolt 2L by Inova

Recommended Reading: Participants can learn about the technique of Lightpainting on Dave Black’s website.
 Click: Workshop at the Ranch
 – there you will find several in depth articles on how to Lightpaint.

Seats Open for In-Depth Workshops
04/07/14 | Monday: Registration 10:00am

To register you may sign up show site on Monday the 7th at the event.

We open In-Depth workshop registration at 10:00am to give you plenty of time to make the workshops – most start at noon or 1:00pm.

Give these In-Depth workshops a second look and call us today!

• Canon: Live Studio Model Shoot

• Hands On Design Workshop: Getting That Hollywood Look
  with Corey Barker

• Photoshop For Beginners With Pete Collins

• Top Gun Flight Training For Hobbyist Photographers With Russell Brown
• Using Video in Photoshop With RC Concepcion