Photoshop World Insider’s Guide – Part 2 – Getting Around

Last year, I posted a PDF called “An Alumni’s Guide to Photoshop World”. It was well received, but a lot of folks were unable to view it on their device for various reasons. So this year’s edition will be posted on the blog instead so you can view at your leisure using whatever method suits you! 


Getting around Las Vegas can be simple if you know the tricks…

Getting to the Hotel: 

Airport shuttles are the least expensive option but book your shuttle before you fly. Taxi cabs are convenient but expect to wait in line to grab one.

Here is a link to Airport Shuttle Services supplied by McCarran Airport .

Walking Around: 

Again, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Even if you are staying in Mandalay Bay or The Hotel, the hotel and conference center are huge. You will be walking several miles every day on your feet. If you are going outside – BRING WATER. It may be a dry heat, but it is still tends to be quite hot in September.

Mandalay Bay is located on the southern-most part of the strip. It is connected via indoor walkways to Luxor and Excalibur. Excalibur is also connected to NYNY and the Tropicana via outdoor elevated walkways. These are the only way to cross the street in this particular intersection. NYNY and Tropicana also connect to the MGM Grand hotel. From NYNY or MGM Grand you can then go to street level to walk the strip.

Free Trams

There are free trams on several MGM properties. The first is from Mandalay Bay to Luxor and Excalibur. There are two trams – the Express to Excalibur and Tram Two that stops at Luxor and then Excalibur.

Insider’s Tip:  Be alert – depending on the day, routes may change and Tram Two occasionally goes only to Luxor, however there will be signs informing you of changes. The Tram runs from 9 am til 10:30 pm.

The second tram is located from Monte Carlo to Bellagio. While it does give you a unique view of the new Vdara and Aria properties, I would avoid trying riding this one. I tried last year and it was over a 25 minute walk through Monte Carlo to behind their convention center to find the tram and then another 30 to get from the back of Bellagio through their shops to the strip. It’s a 20 minute walk to Bellagio on the strip from Monte Carlo.

The third tram runs from Mirage to TI. It is the shortest of the three free trams and runs from the front of the Mirage property to TI.

Las Vegas Monorail: 

MGM Grand is the first stop for the Las Vegas Monorail System. This is a great way to get down the strip fast and also experience new hotel/casinos. For a fee you can ride this tram with stops all the way to the Sahara Station (the Sahara Casino is closed but the station remains open). I recommend the three-day unlimited ride pass. Also be aware of the operating times for the monorail (7 am til 2 am M-Th and til 3 am Fri-Sun). Don’t get stranded late at night and have to walk or take a cab.  Take note of the stops and maps before you board, even if you have rode the monorail in the past, due to construction and additional venues, the stops  may have changed since last year. The current map and information for the LVM is listed below.

Taxi Cabs:

Taxis are probably the most expensive way to get around Vegas. If you plan to go to Freemont Street or Stratosphere be plan to either share a cab with others or be prepared to pay more.

Insider’s Tip:To save on fees to downtown or Stratosphere, take the Las Vegas Monorail to the last stop (Sahara Station) and then pick up a shorter cab ride or even bus it via route 108 on the RTC.

Here are some helpful links to maps while you are in Las Vegas.
Coming up in Part 3 – Eats. Where to go, how to save and when to splurge.