How Photoshop World Has Helped My Career

When I was asked how Photoshop World has helped my career, it took me a while to gather all the ways I could think of into one article. I have been to the past five Photoshop World conferences and find something new each time.

I attended my first Photoshop World in 2008 in Las Vegas. I am a graphic designer and I also teach Adobe products, so I was really looking forward to learning the latest and greatest tips and tutorials. Since I was new to Photoshop World, it was a bit overwhelming and I was slow to meet people, but did meet some folks that I still consider friends today and that was where it started. From there, I was introduced to more people and talked to some of the instructors, asking questions after sessions and running into them in the expo hall. Overall it was a great start to my Photoshop World experience. All of the knowledge I gained was immediately applicable to my classes. I returned next year and being familiar with the layout of the conference, I was able to more effectively network. I used this to my advantage, meeting more instructors and again taking the information learned back to the classroom.

My third year I met the “Ambassador of Love”, Nancy MassĂ©. I volunteered to help out at an event. Being a user group manager back home, I know how hard it is to run social events when short-handed. If you haven’t met Nancy in person, you should. She is a force of nature and really is a great person– the title fits. She introduced me to a lot of people at Kelby Training. This lead to me applying to be a live “on-site” blogger for the Photoshop World Website and ended up again going the extra mile and helping out with technical issues for the other bloggers. Because of this, I was asked to come back and blog again for the following conference.

All of these opportunities landed me on people’s radar as a helpful individual and gave me very positive exposure. I’m a firm believer that actions speak louder than words, so my reputation was really helped by all the networking. This lead to a great write-up about me and a spot in the Design Makeover section for Photoshop User Magazine. The blogging also brought me to become a regular author for Adobe Inspire Magazine covering Adobe Photoshop topics. And finally my reputation and networking from Photoshop World directly lead to me being asked to become a member of the Adobe Freelancer Team speaking at events for Adobe teaching others about the Creative Suite and Creative Cloud. The live blogging is still on-going, and you can find me at this upcoming Photoshop World, taking candid shots (with something special planned for this year) and interviewing personalities at the event for the blog.

Yes, Photoshop World has helped me advance and positively influence my career in many different ways and also brought me a great network of new friends and colleagues. The training, opportunities and access you can find at Photoshop World keep bringing me back year after year.

NAPP member, Kevin Stohlmeyer is an Adobe Certified Instructor, User Group Manager and Adobe Community Professional for Photoshop. A graphic designer specializing in digital illustration with more than 15 years experience in the field, Kevin has also been teaching the Creative Suite since 2000. Check out his blog posts at