The Closing Ceremony Wrap Up

The beginning of the end started with Photoshop Guy, Larry Becker starting the closing ceremony with a video showing the pre-conference fun for those who were not fortunate to join the fun. Next, Joel Grimes spoke about creating photography and vision. We then were treated to a short video of the Opening Ceremony and the Keynote.

The ever-entertaining and 1st time instructor from my hometown (really!), Calvin Hollywood then took the stage for a quick look at one of his freaky Photoshop edits. Combining images of 2 people to create a non-existent person. Another short video showing some of the fun from day 1of Photoshop World. This followed by talented sport photographer Dave Black telling us about the road he’s taken to become the photographer he is today. He encourages the photographers to practice and commit to doing something better every day.

With sincere compliments and thanks to the NAPP video crew, Larry Becker presents another wrap-up video of Day 2. Included were entertaining clips from the always fun, Midnight Madness. Moose Peterson then shares a great video of his fantastic aviation photography.

Of course, you can’t have the closing ceremony without Scott Kelby taking the stage. He introduces his awesome assistant, Brad Moore and shares Brad’s excellent concert photography images and is very grateful for all that he does to help him out.

Finally it is prize time! Pete Labrozzi, Freddie Clark and Sharilyn Green were chosen as the finalists for Westcott’s “shoot it first contest”. Sherilyn was awarded a $1600.00 Westcott Spiderlite TD Continuous Lighting Kit for her beautiful image. She also happened to win a ticket to Jeremy Cowart’s Lifefinder DC workshop being held tomorrow. Other prizes included a Calumet gift card, a $1300 value Ben Willmore workshop and Nik Software Complete Collection among many, many, many more!

Prior to the final Grand Prize Award, Scott thanks Julie Stephenson. She is the brain-child who plans the Photoshop World events and received a standing ovation from the packed room. No doubt that planning this in a new location and venue, it must have had some great challenges.

And the Grand Prizes of Photoshop World Vegas is awarded to David Fordham….

And so it ends…