Photoshop Product Managers Zorana Gee Bryan O’Neil Hughes

Adobe released a public beta of Adobe Photoshop CS6 just in time for Photoshop World and I was fortunate to be able to ask two of the people behind Photoshop, Product Managers Bryan O’Neil Hughes and Zorana Gee about the release.

So thank you for the great public beta! Why release it publicly?
Zorana explains, ” a lot of people like Photoshop and we wanted to give them a chance to play with it. We want them to use it and give us feedback.” I then asked about their favorite feature in Photoshop. “Can I give you two?” she asks, “In Photoshop CS6 my favorite feature is the Blur Gallery in Filters. Not so much because of what the effects actually do to an image, but mainly the cool and fun way you can interact with the blur effects the on-screen widgets, the in-canvas usability of it. For Photoshop CS6 extended, my favorite feature is with 3D the fact that we consolidated fourteen 3D tools into one single tool, the Move Tool that everyone is familiar with. So now you don’t have finagle with the Camera Tool, Mesh Tool, the Light Tool, etc. it’s just one tool the Move Tool. You can click on at object and it moves that object!”

Next up was Bryan’s favorite feature. “For me it’s video.” Bryan explains, “I was heavily involved in six waves of research going all the way back to looking at what we offered in CS3 extended and seeing how that was relevant To a large group of people that between Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro that are struggling to figure out what to do with all this video content on their IPhone and DSLR. So we really wanted to introduce something that has ease-of-use with Photoshop power. So that is very close to my heart and I think it’s one of the most misunderstood parts of CS6 but for the people who use it and get it, it’s very exciting.”

I then asked Bryan where he sees the product’s future in our industry. “As far as where I see the product going, in our 22 years into this thing it’s only the second time we’ve done a public beta. When we do a public beta and everyone can suddenly use Photoshop for free, it makes the whole thing moot about ‘I can’t afford it’, it’s much more than just a trial. People can download, they play around and work with it. A lot has changed between the CS3 and CS6 public beta. CS3 was the first time we went into verticals like architecture, video, and 3D. We’ve gone so far beyond that now. In that time suddenly everyone has a camera in their pocket, so Photoshop means something to everyone in one way or another. So my real hope with it is that more new users find it. People who have played around with the tablet application or the consumer app and decide to go further with the pro app because for the first time they can just download and use it.”

A huge thank you to both Bryan and Zorana for taking some time out of entire busy Photoshop World schedule to share some insights with us!