Taking A Look at the Wacom Intuous 5


One of the many big names on the expo floor is Wacom. This year they released their Intuous 5 Touch tablet and I talked with Joe Sliger, field application specialist about the device.

“What we learned from the buttons was that people did not know what they did. So on the Intuous 4, we introduced the lit buttons but you had to look at the tablet to see them. With the Touch, we created a HUD so you can keep your eyes on your work.” The buttons even support “chords” allowing multiple buttons at the same time.

“The best thing we did not ship in the box is a mouse. The mouse is a crutch we go back to if available. With the touch you not only have standard one- and two-fingered gestures, but we’ve introduced Wacom gestures which support three, four and five- fingered gestures that you can customize.”

Another amazing feature about the Intuous 5 Touch is each tablet has wireless capabilities with the purchase on an add-on RF accessory kit, making the tablet not only touch sensitive, but now mobile. “Imagine you are a teacher in a classroom or lab , walking around, controlling the screen by touch gestures.”

Overall, I can’t wait to try this out and you can too by stopping by the Wacom booth during the Expo hours today and tomorrow.