End of Day 1 at Photoshop World

So, at the end of Day 1, there were many happy photographers and creatives. The exhibitors stayed busy with photographers and creatives, answering questions and demonstrating software and photography-related gear. Adobe to Xerox are on the Expo floor educating customers about their products.

I spoke with many 1st time attendees who were extremely impressed with Photoshop World. They commented about how extremely organized Photoshop World is with a stellar staff and awesome instructors. Of course, the Expo floor is always a treat and the attendees have taken advantage of the various contests, demos and many have spent a few dollars or more to the delight of the awesome vendors present.

Of course, by the end of the day, there is a bit of information overload. One must step back and take a deep breath thinking about the events of the day. As you can see, even the instructors such as Photoshop guy, Pete Collins, can be overwhelmed with the awesomeness of Photoshop World.

Our next stop…After hours party at Club Ibiza!