Pete Collins teaches his 1st ever Photoshop World Class


This was truly a no-brainer for this new CS user which I am. This is Pete’s 3rd Photoshop World. As he encourages CS users to continue to learn, whether through books,, NAPP…we too, may one day become more proficient and knowledgable in the capabilities in CS.

Teaching the basics of CS, he starts by discussing layers. Next he is discussing how to move images into images and the blending options layer box which pops up. He discusses selections and states “Selections are what make the difference that makes your photos or composites from looking good or bad.”

Next he discusses masks and that black hides, white reveals and gray denotes transparency. He encourages the use of masks as a non-destructive tool to edit images using CS. Noteworthy advice: Always make a copy of your layer and edit on your copy rather than the original to avoid destructively editing your images.

Great advice Pete and thanks for the introduction to the basics of photoshop!