Calvin Hollywood’s Inaugural PSW Event is PACKED

Not just packed with more people than seats available, but with his witty personality and unique editing techniques. Discussing how to create the Movie Look which is his signature style, Calvin teaches us how, using various adjustments and RAW conversions to achieve the desired image. He also employs color casts to evoke the emotion from his picture that he wishes to entertain his audience. Increasing clarity for grit, adjusts temperature and ultimately admits to “cheating” using plug-ins which he happens to love…particularly Nik Software.

I truly was entertained his humor and friendly personality.

I also met Kebbie Soleo, a 1st time attendee from Maryland in this class. Kebbie, a photographer who describes herself as a hobbyist, loves post-processing. During our talk, she actually described herself as “- photoshop freak”. Welcome to your first Photoshop World!