The PSW Hashcaster Site Returns!

Photoshop World DC is just around the corner, which means that the PSW Hashcaster site is about to go live to help you constantly find the latest news!

There have been some great improvements to Hashcaster this year, including the ability to add video so all you video buffs out there, be sure to tag any Photoshop World videos you share with #PSW12 on Twitter so we can add them for all to see. Here’s a helpful guide to show you what Hashcaster is all about.

What is Hashcaster?
Hashcaster is a real-time Twitter curation platform setup to help you find the best content tweeted at Photoshop World and to help you easily identify and connect with top influencers.

Why you should use Hashcaster?
Keeping up with a fast trending hashtag on Twitter can be like drinking from a fire hose. It’s almost impossible to keep up with all those tweets, links, photos and videos generated by the thousands of attendees and non-attendees at an event. Hashcaster solves this problem by curating all this content into organized channels that you can view at anytime through the event’s Hashcaster web site.

However, Hashcaster doesn’t stop there. The Hashcaster platform continually monitors the hashtag Twitter stream to identify top influencers and contributors at the event, making it easier for you to connect with the who’s who.

Finally, you can become a top influencer yourself; the Hashcaster system evaluates each and every tweet in real-time to identify nuggets of knowledge and diamonds in the rough at PSW. One of those diamonds in the rough could be you!

How can I access Hashcaster?
You can access the Photoshop World Hashcaster site through your web browser, smartphone or tablet by visiting

How do I get my tweets, links, photos & videos on Hashcaster?
Hashcaster does all the work. You simply include the hashtag, #PSW12, in your tweets and the Hashcaster system looks after the rest. It’s that simple. Please note, we are still tracking the #PSW hashtag but a lot of non-Photoshop World attendees have been using it lately, so #PSW12 will be the event-related hashtag this year.

How do I become a Top Influencer on Hashcaster?
The Hashcaster system is continually evaluating the Twitter stream to determine who are the top influencers at any given time. This list of top influencers is literally updated with every new tweet. Becoming a top influencer depends on a whole range of factors that help the system identify those people that have the most positive impact on the hashtag community. Although there is no way to guarantee that you’ll become a top influencer, the following do’s and don’ts can help increase the likelihood that you’ll make the list.

Things that make you a positive contributor on Hashcaster.
• Tweet unique tweets with relevant content frequently.
• Get a story published on Hashcaster by tweeting high quality links to topical articles and blogs.
• Contribute photos or videos to Hashcaster.
• Retweet interesting and relevant tweets form other community members.
• Have a high Klout score.
• Have lots of followers in the hashtag community.

Things that make you a negative contributor on Hashcaster.
• Do not tweet out the same tweet over and over again.
• Do not tweet promotional links with little or no story content.
• Do not retweet every tweet in an attempt to increase you ranking.
• Do not use auto tweeting services that replicate your message across many user accounts. (this will get you blocked)
• Do not include profanity in your tweets (this will get you blocked)

Some final tips?
We have learned that people who share important event announcements and who tweet their experience (like quick tips that they learn in classes) not only become ranked contributors, but make lots of new friends along the way in the #PSW12 Twitterverse. Engage in the conversation (don’t be shy), don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t say in public, and support fellow Tweeps with generosity and good will.

Have fun!