Looking back and forward

I’m a new photographer. This past summer I took a Non-major Digital Photography class at the University of Utah. Each assignment brought such energy and fun that I could think of nothing more. With inspiration from my instructor I decided to add a second major of photography to my already declared Film Major.  Within hours after officially becoming a double major, I’m browsing Facebook and see an ad about Photoshop and it’s a NAPP ad for Vegas. I follow the links, read all about it and send it to my instructor. The student price was fantastic and I knew within minutes, I would find a way to make it to Vegas.

The couple months proceeding I tried to get someone to come with me but as time grew closer, I knew I would be going alone.  Looking back, I’m actually very grateful. I met people I wouldn’t have met and learned stuff I wouldn’t have otherwise learned.

I use the Dave Cross trip planner and spent a couple hours reading about all the classes and deciding which ones to go to.

Now it was just waiting to leave……

Arriving alone to a place you have never been is always filled with anxiety. Going to learn about something you hardly know anything about is a bit overwhelming. Would I trade it for the world? Never.

I met the most wonderful people and learned things I never expected to learn. For example, sitting in the hallway close to the Tattoo convention, I met Randy (a very talented photog and instructor ) and as we both were taking advantage of the internet access from the Tattoo show, I learned how to make money with my pictures. This wasn’t expected and I’m grateful. Speaking of the Tattoo convention, I am really curious how many of us got inked.  I didn’t tell my husband about mine for a couple days…lol

Walking down the strip on Saturday night with my new friend, Misty we ran into fellow photographers and had the most wonderful night taking pictures on an impromptu photowalk. I learned more from watching these photo veterans  in just a couple hours then I have taking pictures all summer. It’s too bad my camera battery died…lol

I LOVED the Expo and learning more about my camera, products and even much needed things like organizing my business was like a kid in a candy store. I had to first walk around and take it all in, then get the nerve to talk and learn what is out there. By far, I think my favorite vendor was BlinkBid. For someone who attempts to be organized, everything little thing helps.

Sure I learned sooo much from the classes. I’m still trying to digest everything my brain was loaded with. It’s what I learned outside of classes as well that was a pleasant surprise and really put the icing on the cake. My twitter and facebook posts have convinced my fellow students to join me at the next PSW.

Thank you for allowing to me to be a guest blogger and reflect on my thoughts of the weekend. I can’t wait to go back and share with others the amazing time I had and keep growing as an artist and photographer.